Thursday, July 28 2016 is now in english

July 2016 update

Hopefully you have enjoyed the summer as much as I have. I'm happy to announce that my latest project which is a travel blog, is now also available in english. I will keep posting in Finnish every once in a while but the main language will be english.

If you're interested, please read my latest post from Georgia

Thursday, March 3 2016

Example case of unnecessary escalation and customer service via telephone

What kind of customer experience (CX) do wish for? I have listed few main factors of successful customer service in my previous post Now let's see how it is done in a big corporation that utilises ITIL or some other similar  […]

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Tuesday, January 19 2016

Tech Support - Introduction: Basics and understanding customer relations

What is my story? I work as a customer service manager in a Finnish hosting company and I have been working with IT and customer relations for over 5 years now and during these past years I have experienced a lot of things that have developed my technical skills and also me as a person. I have  […]

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Thursday, November 5 2015

New alias and IPV6 available

You can now use all Turbofarmi sites and services over IPV6 2a04:3540:1000:310:5460:87ff:fef7:3d71. echo -e '\nauto eth2\niface eth6 inet6 auto' >> /etc/network/interfaces ifup eth2 ifconfig -a /etc/init.d/apache2 restart I was also able to register new alias domain for,  […]

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Thursday, May 28 2015

Updates on 28.5.2015

I have shared links at under the menu: "Fitness" to all my public profiles on different sports tracking services (Polar Flow, Sports Tracker and Runkeeper) in the case you might be interested in following.  […]

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Tuesday, January 27 2015

New year, New Adventures

I feel bad that this is my first post of the year but there have been many things going on lately that I hardly have had enough time to sleep. Another explanation is my latest e-laziness (been lazy with IT related matters and productivity.) So what have I been up to? Sports, fitness and motivation I  […]

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Tuesday, November 11 2014

Rather nice experiences with an insurance company


I have had quite unlucky year of 2014 with some random incidents but luckily all my insurances are from a company that have showed me the trust. My life has been quite smooth since I haven't had any remarkable incidents in the past. The year 2014 has been a bit exceptional since I have already got  […]

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Saturday, October 25 2014

Saturday night

Saturday night in Humuskellari (my cellar apartment) with Stevie Wonder; that's right! --- listening to some good old tunes and relaxing after been sick for a week; the great thing is that I have almost recovered and ready to get back to work on Monday. Here are some of my favorite albums of Stevie  […]

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