Saturday night in Humuskellari (my cellar apartment) with Stevie Wonder; that's right! --- listening to some good old tunes and relaxing after been sick for a week; the great thing is that I have almost recovered and ready to get back to work on Monday.

Here are some of my favorite albums of Stevie on Deezer:

So what I have learned today? I have few blogs whom I update quite regularly and now decided to put some effort on my personal blog ( on where I will share some of my interests which includes information technology, travels, music, sub-cultural arts/phenomenons and film editorial tips.

So I was wondering what would work as a suitable platform for the purpose? There are numerous of content management systems available but have only familiarized with the most popular ones. Dotclear is a new acquaintance for me and by so far I have enjoyed how simple and lightweight it is. Wordpress has been the only CMS and blog platform that I have used for a long time now and it's the first time that I wanted to see if there's any alternatives for WP. I got quite frustrated to use WP nowadays since it has too much crap in it; it's almost impossible to simply use it for its original purpose: blogging. I'm hoping to have a new long relationship with Dotclear for all my blogging needs. I will keep you updated with quick review after few weeks getting familiar with Dotclear.