I have had quite unlucky year of 2014 with some random incidents but luckily all my insurances are from a company that have showed me the trust. My life has been quite smooth since I haven't had any remarkable incidents in the past. The year 2014 has been a bit exceptional since I have already got robbed and violent diarrhea in India; and the most recently I had to cancel a trip to Stockholm since I got infected with an violent enterovirus. Yes indeed, and this happened right after being a sick for over a week because of an unknown nervous system disease which caused my CRP to rise over 200 mg/L (which is a lot.) The past month has been quite difficult.

So what is the deal with my insurances with these past incidents? I have home and travel insurances from Fennia which is a Finnish insurance company. The following incidents have all been covered by my travel insurance.

  • In India someone stole 250 euros off my pocket; couldn't find the money, couldn't find a police and didn't want the situation to ruin my holiday. I reported the crime back in Finland to the police and my insurance company, it took 4 days and the missing capital was deposited on my bank account.
  • I paid 85 euros of a trip to Stockholm planning to celebrate my friend's birthday and have a awesome weekend. Two days before Friday I got a high fever and these blister appeared on my hands and feet. I called to my insurance company and after the weekend the whole sum of 85 euros were paid to my bank account, no receipt or anything were asked...

In my opinion, I'm using the best insurance company operating in Finland and that is also the reason why I have been their customer for my whole life. The rates have been low or average and the customer service is very good unlike with few other competitors.

Let me share a "handcraft" of the damage made by enterovirus.