I feel bad that this is my first post of the year but there have been many things going on lately that I hardly have had enough time to sleep. Another explanation is my latest e-laziness (been lazy with IT related matters and productivity.) So what have I been up to?

Sports, fitness and motivation

I spent the christmas abroad in Costa Del Sol, Spain which was inspiring stay since I got an idea from my sister of running a half marathon in April. The event is called Rock 'n' Roll Marathon and it is held in Madrid, Spain on 26th of April 2015. I bought a ticket to the event and booked a flight to Spain, which means that now it's training time.


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It's all about the workout routine and setting goals

The plan is to run half marathon (21K) on April and i'm a bit out of stamina.  My previous workout routine included 4 days out of week strength training with low reps and heavy weights which was very good for the muscle growth but I realized that my endurance required some heavy improvement. My only choice was to change the whole routine to more cardio based training. Now do anaerobic exercise for 3 days out of week with high reps and lighter weights and I dedicated 2 days out of week for running (aerobic exercise.)

I'm able to run 12K with avarage pace of 6.00 min / km and the next goal is to run 21K with same avarage pace of 6.00 min / km by the end of February. The final goal is to run 21K with avarage pace of 5.45 min / km.



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What is going to motivate me?

Now after I have planned a great workout routine and goals are set; all I need is someone or something to motivate me to do all my daily exercises.  Personal trainer would be great for the purpose but he or she would be too expensive. I got an idea from my collegue and a simple solution for the problem was to buy Polar Loop activity tracker (58 euros) and Polar H7 heart rate sensor (62 euros) all in total of 120 euros. These are the greatest pieces of technology that I have owned for a while, why? I can get ~75% accurate information of my daily activity including past excercises and quality of sleep. You're able to see statistics in real time and the software will indicate if your activity level is too low.

86 days left till the half-marathon so I will share more details as I have spent more days with the new workout routine.