What kind of customer experience (CX) do wish for? I have listed few main factors of successful customer service in my previous post http://blog.uskali.fi/post/2016/01/19/Customer-demands-and-provided-service Now let's see how it is done in a big corporation that utilises ITIL or some other similar framework.

Background: A service provider in the case will remain anonymous; to clarify it is a one of the dominant network providers in Finland. I don't have anything bad to say about the company or their technology. It was just interesting to realise how much unnecessary work and time you and employees of the company have to spent to do a simple operation. This is my story...

The case begins in 1.10.2015 after I got a telemarketing phone call from a sub-contractor of the service provider. They were selling promotional broadband connections, and basically the idea was that you'll get the first 3 month for free and then the contract is open-ended. Sounded good for me since I didn't have a broadband at the time. The broadband connection was sold to me as a type of optical fiber line, so I thought: "cool, the service provider has finally changed distribution station technology from ADSL to VDSL in my building." The reality was a bit different after I realised on the day of the delivery that the connection was actually ADSL (24/2M), probably optical fibre all the way to distribution station/router but not to my apartment. I didn't care that much since I understood that this was free for first three months and I could terminate the contract anytime I want.

Now let's move a bit forward to the present and customer experience; unnecessary escalation and customer service in 23.2. and 24.2.2016. I tried to look for a solution to terminate the contract.

1) There was not a single article on how to terminate a broadband contract at the support website.

2) I logged into their control panel (service management) to get more information of the issue, or in the best case: terminate the contract, had no luck. I found a chat and they told I should call to the customer service.

3) So I had to make a phone call to their customer service, where a friendly robot answered to my call. After answering to 4 questions that the robot asked, I got forward with some extra promotional sales pitches included in the call.

4) After waiting for five minutes, they answered to my call and I explained the person that I need to terminate my broadband contract since it's not what I ordered (fast enough); supply vs demand -situation. He said to me that he couldn't terminate my contract since this was a technical issue, wait what? So my phone call was escalated to a technical team.

5) Now i'm waiting to speak with a person in a tech team. After waiting for few more minutes, a tech person answers to my phone call and understands my issue with the contract and that I need to terminate it BUT she says that I have fixed contract and it's valid till 1.10.2017 which is not true; I never signed or agreed on fixed contract, also control panel says that the contract is open-ended which means that I should be able to terminate my contract anytime I want within 2 weeks notice?

6) So now I got new instructions on how to login to their control panel (again) and fill in a complaint, sounds like fun.

7) The phone call took me around 15 minutes and I talked with a robot and 2 people, also had to repeat my customer information several times.

8) I logged into their control panel and filled in a simple complaint.

9) Next day morning I received a friendly phone call and apology that they have given me a misinformation. I talked for few more minutes and got my contract terminated.

So was I satisfied with the process and customer experience as a customer. I would grade the whole experience 6 / 10. Now I'm wondering does this happen with every customer and could this time be spent better?

Now this is how I would change the cx and do the termination of the service (or any changes to the current services) with service MGMT.

1) Log in to the service panel using 2-factor authentication; username and password + mobile, online bank etc. authentication to confirm that you are actually the rightful person to make any changes to the contract.

2) See all available services including all alternative options for current services; also offers of some additional services that the user may actually need (source:sales intelligence.)

3) If customer wants help there is a motivated sales person available in a chat service to assist the user on how to make any changes (to terminate or/and buy additional services), also to provide 1st class service similar to concierge. (sales and cx benefits)

4) If user needs any further help or assistance, he or she may call to customer service, without any unnecessary escalation (not: a robot-> a person -> a person -> a person -> a robot -> a person etc.)

5) Agree to the terms and conditions of the service

6) Profit!